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Punjab Ki Shaan Singer and Rapper Sidhu Musewala is no more with us. Two days ago, three people opened fire on Sidhu Musewala, in which he died on the spot. Around 30 bullets were fired at Sidhu Musewala. When his pictures came out, everyone’s eyes were stunned. There were speculations about who attacked Sidhu and why, that meanwhile a Facebook page of Punjab based gangster Lawrence Bishnoi gang claimed responsibility for the attack.

It is said that Lawrence and his brother Goldie Brar take the responsibility of this incident with Sidhu. Please tell that Goldie Brar also has an old connection with Rajasthan. Gangster Brar sitting in Canada is the crime partner of Rajasthan’s Lady Don Anuradha. Let me tell you who is this lady don.

Who is Lady Don?

Recently, the infamous gangster Kala Jathedi was arrested in which a lady don was also caught. Her name is Anuradha although in the world of crime her name is Madam Minz. As a child, Anuradha was the best in studies, but at an early age her mother left her forever. This incident made him stronger. His father used to work as a laborer but he studied, did BCA and then married of his own free will.

Anuradha is married to Deepak Minj. Both started their own business. His business of share trading started running in Sikar, Rajasthan. He invested lakhs of rupees in his business and both of them got a lot of profit but after a time their business started sinking. He got drowned in crores of debt. It was from here that the world of Anuradha’s crime began, but due to committing the crime, she got divorced from her husband.

How Anuradha came into the world of crime

Anuradha was in debt of crores and she had no money left to pay it back. Due to lack of money, he got in touch with the history sheeter Balbir Banuda, who made him meet the notorious criminal Anand Pal Singh. Anand Pal was a desi man but Anuradha made him hi fi by teaching him English. After this Anuradha started making Anand’s crime plan. Anuradha taught Anand to English and in return, Anand taught him to use weapons like AK-47.

After this, both of them committed many crimes together. Anuradha used to plan from whom when to ask for ransom, whom to rob. This lady don is believed to be behind the kidnapping of Indrachandra, brother of Pramod Chaudhary, the main witness of the famous Jeevanram Godara massacre on 27 June 2006. When Anand Pal was killed in a police encounter, the reins of the gang came in his hands. When the police arrested it, there was a reward of 10 thousand rupees on Lady Don.

On the other hand, Mansa police has registered an FIR for murder on the statement of Balkaur Singh, father of Sidhu Musewala. He told that his son was often threatened by gangsters to collect the extortion tax. He also used to get calls from gangster Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang. Now it is reported that the police will interrogate gangster Lawrence Vishnoi in remand so that more deep information can be found.

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