This little boy raised his hand on Salman Khan, he did not do anything even if he wanted to

In today’s time there is no person who does not know and does not like Salman Khan. This is because Salman Khan is a big and famous actor of Bollywood and Salman has given many blockbuster movies to Bollywood. Due to this, in today’s time, Salman Khan has made a place for his art in the hearts of his fans. In today’s time, Salman Khan is counted among the biggest actors of Bollywood and Salman Khan is given a lot of respect and respect in Bollywood. Salman Khan also has a very good fan following on social media and is also loved by everyone. Due to this, every news related to Salman Khan goes viral very fast on social media and becomes a topic of discussion everywhere. Something similar has happened with the recent news. The news is that Salman Khan, a boy or as it is said, the little boy raised his hand. Yes, this is absolutely true and everyone has been told about it by Salman Khan himself. Let us give you complete information about this news in the article.

The little boy raised his hand on Salman, the news went viral on social media

Salman Khan is a very big actor of Bollywood and in today’s time everyone is very much liked and also gives a lot of respect and respect. This is because Salman Khan’s Bollywood career so far has been very good and all the films he has given to Bollywood have performed very well and have earned a lot of money at the box office. At present, Salman Khan is becoming viral on social media due to an anecdote that happened in his life. The anecdote is that it is learned that a little boy raised his hand on Salman Khan. No one else but Salman Khan has told this in front of everyone. Salman or that also told that this little boy is none other than Salman’s brother Arbaaz Khan’s son himself. Further in this article, we will tell you why Salman Khan’s nephew raised his hand on him.

Salman’s nephew raised his hand on his uncle, this is a big reason

After reading the article so far, all of you must have understood that why Salman Khan is becoming so much viral on social media at the present time. The reason for this is that recently Salman Khan himself has told that his nephew i.e. son of his brother Arbaaz Khan had raised his hand on him. Salman further told that his nephew did this because he was very young at that time and the nephew had seen a scene of Salman and Arbaaz’s film in which Salman Khan raised his hand on Arbaaz. Because Salman Khan’s nephew was younger in him, he could not understand right wrong and he got angry and raised his hand on Salman Khan also because Salman raised his hand on his father.

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