Tiger Shroff used to like Shraddha Kapoor, Shraddha said if I had known

Shraddha Kapoor is a big and famous actress of Bollywood and in today’s time everyone knows Shraddha in Bollywood. This is because Shraddha Kapoor has given many years of her life to Bollywood and in these years Shraddha has given many superhit films to Bollywood. Shraddha Kapoor’s film career started in the year 2011 with the film Teen Patti. After which Shraddha has given Bollywood superhit films like Sahu, Chhichhore, Stree and many others. This is the reason why in today’s time Shraddha Kapoor has a huge name in Bollywood. Talking about the present time, Shraddha Kapoor is very much dominated on social media. It is not because of any other reason but because of some statements. The first statement is of Bollywood’s famous actor Tiger Shroff. Tiger has given such a statement, due to which Shraddha Kapoor was surprised. After which Shraddha said that if I had known earlier. What was Tiger’s statement that surprised Shraddha Kapoor, we will tell you about it further in the article.

Tiger Shroff used to like Shraddha, himself told in front of everyone

We all know Shraddha Kapoor very well. This is because Shraddha Kapoor is not a common person but Bollywood is a very big and beautiful actress. Currently, Shraddha Kapoor is dominated on social media because of actor Tiger Shroff. This is because recently Tiger Shroff has given a big statement about Shraddha. Tiger told in his statement that he likes Shraddha since childhood. Tiger told that he had a huge crush on Shraddha Kapoor since childhood. When Shraddha Kapoor heard this statement of Tiger, she was shocked. After which Shraddha Kapoor has also given a big statement on Tiger. Shraddha said in the statement that if I had known in advance. You will know further in the article about why Shraddha said this.

Tiger used to like Shraddha Kapoor, when Shraddha came to know about it, she said this big thing

At present, Shraddha Kapoor is making headlines from everywhere on social media and remains a topic of discussion everywhere. This is because recently, actor Tiger Shroff has said in his statement that he also loved Shraddha Kapoor since childhood and had a big crush on her since childhood. After listening to which Shraddha gave a statement on Tiger Shroff and said that if I had known. Shraddha said that if I had known beforehand, maybe something could have happened but now nothing can happen. This is because at present Shraddha Kapoor is dating a guy named Rohan Shrestha.

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