Travel between PMCH to Patna AIIMS will be easy, PMCH will be able to reach AIIMS in just 20 minutes, know the route

There has been a lot of progress in road construction in Bihar in the last few years. Rural roads were repaired during the Nitish government. Then the link road came to the fore. But now the government is focusing on big road construction projects. Under this, the construction of the expressway has been given the green signal and the process of connecting Patna by road has been expedited.

Work is underway to connect the city with internal and external roads. And a direct example of this is Loknayak Ganga Path. With its construction, the journey from PMCH to AIIMS in Patna will become easier. The distance between PMCH and Patna AIIMS is 20 km. Presently it takes 90 to 120 minutes to cover this distance due to heavy traffic. However, once the Ganga Path starts, this distance can be covered in just 20 minutes.

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Patna’s Loknayak Ganga Path will prove to be a boon for the patients. After its construction, the distance of PMCH from Patna AIIMS will be greatly reduced. Patients can reach PMCH in just 20 minutes from AIIMS via Digha Elevated Road and Ganga Marg. At the same time, the distance from PMCH to Patna AIIMS will also be reduced and can be completed in 20 minutes.

The work of 8 km lane of Loknayak Ganga Path from Digha to PMCH has been completed. And it is connected to the city. Be aware that there are 4 ways to enter the city through this route. A part of Atal Path has also been added to it. Along with this, the work of road coming from Digha Setu on both these highways has also been completed. The inauguration of these projects is awaited.

Digha Elevated Road connects Ganga Path with Atal Path and also shortens the distance between PMCH and Patna AIIMS. Due to the combination of these two routes, it will take only 20 minutes for patients to travel from AIIMS to PMCH or from PMCH to Patna AIIMS. At present, to reach PMCH from Patna AIIMS, one has to come to Ashok Rajpath via Phulwari Sharif, Anisabad and then reach PMCH. It takes about one and a half to two hours. Sometimes emergency patients are moved from one hospital to another due to paucity of beds to save their lives. Ganga Marg can prove to be a boon in future for such patients.

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