Urfi Javed is not wearing anything in bikini video

Internet sensation aka Javed is the fashion queen and there is no doubt about it. But Urfi’s look is as bold as it is creative. Most of the time, Urfi’s costumes are so unusual that they reveal themselves to the audience. Now the new look of Urfi has also surprised people. Seeing Urfi’s open look, many people are angry with him.

Urfi Javed wore a shell bikini and shared his boldest video of being seen through a dupatta

Urfi seen in bold look

Urfi Javed has shared a video on his Instagram handle in a super sizzling look. This time, Urfi has made a bikini top by coloring oysters in the sea. The actress is seen flaunting her bikini top in a special way. You must be wondering if Urfi often wears bikini tops, so what’s new this time?

Urfi Javed wraps her breasts.  Watch the video of animal shells Urfi Javed covered his body with shells on the beach, people started making obscene comments.  magazine news

If you have not seen the video of Urfi till now, then definitely watch it. The oyster bikini top by Urfi was tied at the legs with see-through fabric. That is, it shows the fabric of which Urfi has made the bottom.

Users are angry on Urfi

Urfi’s underwear looks naked in such a way that many people are annoyed and blame Urfi for wearing such loose clothes. Surprisingly, a user commented on Urfi’s video – Oh my god, I am not wearing anything today. Another user slapped him and wrote – Fear Allah. A user commented on Urfi’s video – is there anything below. Another user wrote sarcastically – this is what I want to see. It’s good that I’m blind. Urfi is also getting a lot of criticism from people about her look. Many are angry with him. Now it has to be seen how Urfi reacts to this reaction of the people.

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