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Using a freelance website can be the perfect way to build a portfolio, fill in the gaps between proposals and grow your client base. However, not all projects are the same, and there are definitely tips and tricks that will ensure you land a top-notch job. Here are seven tips for using a freelance website.

#1 Maximize your membership. Most freelance sites offer different membership levels. This means that if you have an account that allows you to bid on ten jobs per month, you want to be selective about which jobs you bid on. Choose jobs that suit your specialty and make a habit of checking out freelance sites once a week, every morning, or whatever works best for your schedule. Some sites will email you jobs that meet certain criteria, saving you time sifting through endless job postings.

#2 Identify and report vendors who frequently post jobs. For example, if a supplier has posted 110 jobs in the last six months and only completed or passed 10, you don’t want to bid on that job. Instead, look for reputable items and clothing.

#3 Check out buyer feedback. We don’t need to tell you that some jobs may not be worth it and buyers can be the real hassle. Of course, you will also find really great customers. View feedback on potential companies before bidding on a project.

#4 Trust your instincts. Bid on items that make you feel positive. Items that inspire you help you put your best foot forward when bidding and interacting with buyers. This passion and trust in your intuition translates into the way you communicate, and you’re more likely to land the job.

#5 When using freelance sites, adjust your bids for each item. Buyers can see if you cut and paste the same old bid wording for each item. Give your quote and share your experience with a specific project.

#6 Ask questions. One of the biggest mistakes freelancers make when using freelance sites is being afraid to ask questions. Instead, they make assumptions that often turn out to be costly to them, costing money on the project and possibly not creating the positive impression they should.

#7 Most freelance sites allow you to post a portfolio. That’s great, but it would also help if you could include a link to your website or relevant examples in your bid. For example, if you are bidding on a graphic design project for a pet food company and you have logos designed for the pet industry, even though they are already in your portfolio, please include them in your bid.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, when using freelance sites, be professional and treat others as you would treat others. Responds to inquiries from potential customers in a timely manner, is willing to negotiate and remains positive and courteous at all times. You may not be selected for the project you are bidding on; however, clients will remember who impressed them, and you might just be the freelancer they reach out to the next time they have a project.


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