Vicky Kochal’s wife Katrina returned from work, thus erased her fatigue, and this picture came out of the bedroom

Bollywood actors Vicky Kochhal and Katrina Kew are constantly on the news of their marriage. Many of her beautiful pictures are becoming increasingly viral on social media. Meanwhile, actress Vicky Kochhal recently shared a picture on Instagram, which is spreading dramatically. Seeing this picture of her, Katrina is known to take care of her husband. Fans are very fond of this picture of Vicky.

Let us tell you that for the last few days, actress Katrina Kyiv is in Endor with her husband Vicky. The two celebrated their first Lohri together in Andor after marriage. He has shared Vicky Kochal’s photo on his Instagram account. Vicky and Kat were seen hugging each other. On one hand, Kat wears a red salwar suit and a black jacket over it. At the same time, Vicky took an informal look in shirt and pants. Fans are very much liking this post.

A few days later, the actor has now shared a story from his Instagram account. With the caption, “Post packup paler. At the same time, it can be clearly seen in the story that there is something to eat in three dishes in front of Vicky and a glass of juice in three dishes. There is a Hollywood movie playing in front of you. Fans believe that Kat takes good care of her husband.

Coming to Monday’s wedding, actress Vicky Kochhal hosted a royal wedding with actress Katrina Keefa at the 200-year-old Rajasthan Fort last year. There has been a lot of discussion about their marriage. At the same time, many great artists and veteran artists attended his wedding. The wedding photos of Kat and Vicky have got a lot of attention from the people on social media as well. People are very fond of wedding photos for both. These pictures were shared by Kat and Vicky themselves. Let us tell you that there is an age gap of 5 years between the couple. But both still love each other very much. At the same time, people like this pair of both very much.

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