Video of Divya Khosla Kumar is going viral in which she is the victim of Ops moment

Video of Divya Khosla Kumar who became a victim of Ops Moment: Divya Khosla Kumar is seen in her outfit and she is looking very beautiful in Hindi grammar dress as soon as this video goes viral on social media. And a lot of likes are also being done. People have taken Divya’s video from the award show.

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A few days ago a video of Divya went viral in which she was seen in a bold dress for her birthday, which was yellow, she is looking even more beautiful and is seen cutting her birthday cake and the video is social media. But got to see. went viral in the media.

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Meanwhile, another video is coming out in which you can clearly see Roshni, this video is from during the award show in Dubai. Since then many videos have gone viral.

In this video you can see Divya Khosla Kumar in a shiny dress and her bold style which is very popular in this country. And a few days before that a film came. His name was Satyamev Jayate.

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