VIDEO: Years later, Racol Brett lays out her truth, says more

Bollywood actress Rakul Brett Singh has been in the news for some time for her film Runway 34. People loved his strong representation. People are not tired of praising him. Meanwhile, the recent statement of the actress remains a matter of discussion among the people. He told the actress that he had to face body shame from the people. At the same time, Rakol also talked about her diet for exercise routine. Everyone is surprised to hear this from the mouth of the actress. At the same time, people are also seen giving different feedback.

Rakol revealed all these things in Shilpa Shetty’s film ‘Shape of You’. Talking about his workout routine earlier in this, he did this daily. Even if she gets shot at 5 in the morning, she doesn’t start her day without exercising. Apart from this, the actress first takes butter coffee or margarine coffee for her healthy and fresh skin. They also eat eggs for breakfast in the morning. The actress says that exercise has become an important part of her life. In such a situation, they work continuously for 6 days a week. They give yoga on the seventh day. The day they practice yoga only.

You would be surprised to know that if an actress accidentally goes to a photo shoot or anywhere without exercising, then she becomes emotional throughout the day. Exercising has become a habit for them. In such a situation, the actress does not forget to work even after forgetting. Fans paid tribute to Rakol’s fitness after hearing this statement. At the same time, he says that because of this difficult routine for the actress, he has kept himself.

At the same time, Rakol also talked about body shame. This is what he had to face after coming into the industry. The actress says that she came to Mumbai at the age of 20 to pursue her career. Meanwhile, where he was struggling to move on. At the same time, some people were advising the actress that she needs to keep herself more fit to earn a name in the industry. It should be thin. However, the actress did her work without paying attention to the words of the people.

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