When the media asked Kangana about the mafia, what did she answer? Watch the video….

Actor Kangana Ranaut, who often speaks her mind, be it in her interviews or on social media, recently took a dig at the paparazzi. She reached Mumbai airport on Wednesday, where she was greeted by photographers. The Manikarnika actor teased her for not asking about Priyanka Chopra’s recent interview where she mentioned about being ‘cornered’ by people in the Hindi film industry. Kangana reacted to Priyanka’s statement and accused Karan Johar of ‘harassing’ Priyanka because of her friendship with Shah Rukh Khan.

A video of Kangana from Mumbai airport surfaced on a paparazzo’s social media account. In the video, the actress is seen entering the airport, where photographers were waiting for her. As she turned towards him, Kangana said, “You guys are quite the drivers, yes? If there is any dispute of the film mafia then no one will ask anything.

In an interview with Priyanka Chopra on Tuesday, she talked about the reason behind leaving Bollywood. She told Dax Shepherd on his podcast Armchair Expert that she felt “cornered” in Bollywood. She was facing some backlash as people were not casting her in films and she also had a “beef with people” in the industry.

Kangana Ranaut took a jibe at the paps and called them ‘clever’ at the airport on Wednesday. The actress expressed her disappointment over shutterbugs not asking questions about Priyanka Chopra’s recent statements about Bollywood. If there is a dispute with the film mafia, then the question will not be asked. Yes, you people are quite clever, aren’t you? If there is a dispute on the film mafia, no one will ask questions, will it? Kangana said.

The Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi actress pulled up ahead for allegedly ‘shouting’ about the controversy. “And if I have any dispute, then there is such a cry, I don’t know how. Why didn’t you ask questions? Han and if there is a dispute around me then the way you shout! Why don’t you ask questions? Tell me,” she asked and added, “I understand everything.

Actress Kangana Ranaut, who recently criticized filmmaker Karan Johar over Priyanka Chopra’s comments on Bollywood, taunted the paparazzi for not asking her questions on the matter. On Wednesday, a paparazzo account on Instagram shared a video in which Kangana is seen flying out of the city from the Mumbai airport.

This music thing gave me a chance to go to the other side of the world, not yearn for movies I didn’t want to get in, but I would need to attract certain clubs and groups of people. It would require growling and I had worked long enough by then not to feel like I wanted to do it. So when this music came on I thought ‘fu**it I’m going to America’,” she also added.


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