Which gas expands in roti? most people don’t know

UPSC exam is one of the toughest in the country. The candidate has to work hard to get success in this exam. After clearing it candidates become IAS and IPS officers. For your information, let us tell you that UPSC exams are conducted in 3 phases.

There are two written interview rounds and one. Most candidates pass the editorial exam, but stumble upon the interview tour. Because questions are asked during the interview. Because of this many candidates get confused and give wrong answers. That is why in today’s publication, such unresolved questions have emerged. This will give you an idea of ​​the questions in the interview. Let’s start with today’s question…

Question 1: World Hemolytic Day is celebrated on?

Answer: It is celebrated every year on 10th April.

Question 2: What are the national vegetables of India?

Answer: Pumpkin

Question 3: Who is the owner of Taj Hotel in Mumbai?

Answer: Jamshedji is the owner of Tata Taj Hotel.

Question 4: What is the largest crop of wheat in the whole world?

Answer: China in the country.

Question 5: Who invented the match box today?

Answer: John Walker

Question 6: Who opposed the British the most in India?

Answer: The biggest protest was by the Mongols.

Question 7: What is the softest metal in the whole world?

Answer: What is cesium?

Question 8: Which is the most expensive diamond tree?

Answer: Cone leaves are the most expensive.

Question 9: Is sunset the first thing to say in India?

Answer: It happens in Kanyakomari.

Question 10: In which gas does roti swell?

Answer: CO2

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