Why South’s films have started weighing heavily on Bollywood, star Sanjay Dot told the real reason for this

Over the years, Bollywood films have been seen competing with southern films as southern films are now preferred not only in the country but also abroad. As you can see, movies like Pushpa, RRR and KGF 2 which released this year have broken all the records of Bollywood movies in terms of profits.

While people are starting to like South films so much, the growing craze of Southern movies has created a buzz in Bollywood. Especially when every star of Bollywood is worried about his film career. The question often arises: What is the reason why Bollywood movies are floundering?

Because despite the big budget of some expensive films, stars, beautiful heroines and best locations in the country and abroad, Indian films do not work. In such a situation, actor Sanjay Dutt told why Bollywood films do not show much focus in front of South films.

In such a situation, actor Sanjay Dutt told the secret behind the success of southern films that most of the films in Bollywood are dubbed. Although many of these films are not able to do business of one crore rupees. Due to the increasing dominance of South films in Bollywood, South Indian movies always show something new to the public.

He also added that Rajamouli’s recent films “Pushpa” and “RRR” had collected Rs. He said that the reason why Bollywood films are not being screened is because Bollywood has now forgotten the tournament and has started dubbing the films.

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