Yash Chopra wanted to lock Rani’s parents in the room, and wanted to do the same to the actress – Gazab Fact

Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji has a large number of fans following. Fans are crazy about his acting. The actress has achieved great success in acting in more than one film. He worked with many great artists. But now the actress has distanced herself from the world of cinema. However, the Queen rules the hearts of her fans just like the Queen. Fans are still very happy to see the films of the actress. Let us tell you that Rani, who was very successful, must have gone away from the cinema world at one point of time. Then because of Yash Chopra, he had to do films under pressure.

Let us tell you that Rani Mukerji may be out of the headlines, but she often keeps making headlines for one reason or the other. The next day, a previously unheard story about him or his film spreads. This time also something similar, when the disclosure is in great discussion. In viral searches, it is revealed that Yash Chopra did something to get Rani Mukerji to act in the film. That’s why they were talking about him everywhere. Fans are quite surprised to hear about this viral revelation.

In fact, at one point, Rani Mukerji said “no” to all the films. Meanwhile, Yash Chopra brought a show of “Saathiya”. Yash talks to Rani’s parents and asks them to convince Rani to do the film. But the parents of the actress also refused. Then Yash Chopra locked Rani’s parents in a room and called Rani and said, “Son, you are not doing this film, you are making a big mistake. That’s why I say no to this film and I do it. And I’ll keep your parents locked in the room until you say yes to the movie. Which forces the actress to obey his orders.

Then what was this film for the actress, after the release, the audience is very much liked. He told us that Rani later married Yash Chopra’s son, director and producer Aditya Chopra. Aditya is divorced. But the queen loved him very much. After marriage, Rani and Aditya became parents to Adria’s daughter. Let us tell you that Yash Chopra had left this world two years before marriage. Till then Rani was standing with Aditya. Fans like the pair of both very much.

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