You can enjoy waterfalls like Rohtas, Darjeeling and Kakolat in the capital Patna this summer.

There is a good news for the residents of the capital Patna. Often people of Patna visit Rohtas, Rajgir, Darjeeling or Kakolat Falls and enjoy the waterfalls. But now there is no need to go out of the capital Patna to enjoy the waterfall. Actually, now in the capital Patna itself, you will get a chance to bathe in a waterfall falling down from a hill. Let me tell you that the mountains in Patna are artificially created and the water falling from these mountains will make you enjoy the waterfall.

In fact, in the summer, people in the capital go to enjoy the waterfalls in other cities, but now in the capital Patna, artificial mountains have been made on the lines of those waterfalls, where people can feel the waterfall falling from the waterfall. Mountain.

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In Patna, these artificial hills are built near Gaurichak and Beldarichak. Actually, Belmont Waterfall Water Park has been built near Gaurichak and Beldarichak on Patna-Gaya road. In this Belmont Falls, the water falls down the hill like a waterfall, where people are now flocking to enjoy it.

People who come here with their families say that coming here they feel like a mountain. So now they don’t need to go to Rajgir or Kakola. You can easily come here whenever you want. Besides waterfalls, the Belmont Waterfall Water Park has family yoga, a rain dance corridor, a meditation center, a veggie restaurant, and an amusement game-park for kids. To go to the waterfall here, you have to buy a ticket for Rs 499 and Rs 399. There is also a restaurant and hotel where you can enjoy a holiday with family.

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