YouTuber Armaan Malik shows off newborn’s face, reveals name! View photos…

YouTuber Armaan Malik and his second wife Kritika Malik have recently become parents. Armaan’s second wife Kritika Malik has given birth to a son a few days ago. Now Armaan Malik has become the father of two sons. A few days ago, both of them had given information about becoming parents on social media and now both have also shown their son’s face for the first time.

They have named their son Zaid Malik. Zaid is very cute. Many pictures of Zaid have been shared by Armaan, Payal and Kritika. Apart from this, Zaid Malik’s Instagram account has also been created and many pictures and videos have been posted on it. There is happiness with the arrival of another son in the famous YouTuber’s house. This couple has shown the face of their son Zaid to the fans after seven days.

aarman malik son

Fans are showering lots of love on Armaan-Kritika Prince. Armaan and Kritika have done a very beautiful and cute photoshoot of their son. On 13 April 2023, Armaan Malik shared a video from his Instagram account with his wife Kritika Malik showing the face of their newborn baby.

aarman malik son

In the video, Zaid can be seen wrapped in a cloth and with his eyes closed. In the video, the couple can also be seen kissing their son. Along with this, Armaan wrote in the caption, ‘My family, my life.’ Although some people are trolling Armaan for naming his son Zaid. People are saying why the child was named Muslim?

aarman malik son

In response, Armaan Malik said that he does not discriminate between Hindu and Muslim and in future he will name both his children as Sikh and Christian. Armaan Malik stopped the trollers with this reply. Due to this thinking of YouTuber, the netizens there do not get tired of praising him. Apart from this, many people have also expressed excitement about the delivery of his first wife Payal Malik.

aarman malik son

Armaan Malik’s first wife Payal Malik is also going to give birth to twins soon. Please tell that Armaan Malik has been married twice. He married first to Payal in 2011 and second to Kritika in 2018. After Kritika’s delivery, now Armaan’s first wife Payal will also give birth to a child soon. Armaan and Payal also have a son, Chirayu Malik.


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